When to Turtle

A basic early lesson in surfing is how to turtle. When paddling out into the surf, there are times when you are certain to be hit by a major, crashing wave. Turtling is a technique of rolling over on your board so that you place the board between you and the crashing wave. It is essential that you hold on tight to the board, and not let the board smash your nose and face in the process, but in most cases, it helps immensely.

If you are living in the economy of late or post October 2008, it is time to turtle. Do what you can to break the crash. Don’t increase your debt. Keep your spending in check. Hold on to your job. Turtle now.


Life as a Game

The idea that there are lessons for everyday life that can be gained from surfing is one illustration of a more general theme of some very useful books about drawing lessons from games. A new book in this area is entitled Unlearning by Alejandro R. Jadad, a physician and teacher. His book’s subtitle is ‘Incomplete Musing on the Game of Life and the Illusions that Keep Us Playing’.

Games have rules, objectives, prizes and rewards, and often involve competition and cooperation in different degrees in different situations. The analogy is a powerful one, and surfing is one game of life. Keep surfing.

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