The Surf Bunny

Over the years, the ‘surf bunny’ has been the object of much derision. The very idea has been viewed as sexist and demeaning. But let’s take a closer look at this role.

First, the perfect Surf Bunny (SB) does not have to participate in surfing. Many other sports require the partner to participate in real physical exercise. SB can simply sit in the sun, and pretend to watch. In some cases a surfer might expect the SB to guard the towel, wax and extra boards, but really, could they do this against a determined thief?

Secondly, the surfer does not need to work with the SB, who only needs to be around. The surfer does not need to talk to the SB – which would be impossible in any case without radio communication, or interact beyond giving an occasional look to shore.

This is a win-win relationship. Of course, a surf bunny could undermine this perfect relationship – but that will be the subject of another post.


No Politics of Blame in the Game of Surfing

Surfers can fail. They can be terribly disappointed. However, there are few occasions when they can blame anyone but themselves for their failures. Excuses yes — I didn’t wax my board properly, or the surf was walled up, but they didn’t wax it, and they chose to surf. Others didn’t slide off, or fail to take the wave. In such ways, surfing forces individuals to accept personal responsibility.