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The video, Year in 60 Seconds, is incredible: http://www.reuters.com/subjects/2011-year-in-review  What an eventful year passing before your eyes. Thanks to John Oliver for tipping me off to this site.


Red, the Bullmastiff

Red is a Bullmastiff living at the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary. He has weak back legs, but loves to go on walks. He is a ‘gentle giant’. He is very strong, but knows and obeys ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘come’, and shakes hands. He is well cared for at the sanctuary, but would love a home with a garden. That said, if you can just take Red for a walk, he’d be very appreciative, as would many of the other dogs.

Many large breed animal rescue sites have closed or can accept no more dogs. Large Breed Dog Rescue reports: ” Please note we regret that we cannot take in any more dogs at the present time as like many rescues we are full due to the overwhelming amount of dogs needing help.” Even if you cannot consider adopting a dog, do think about taking one for a walk. It is healthy for you and the dog.

Red, on a walk at The Village Green
Red, the Bullmastiff

Walk a Dog in the New Year: The Rewards of Oxford’s Animal Sanctuary

If you are looking for a rewarding activity in the new year, consider taking one of the many wonderful dogs at the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary out for a short stroll around the green. The Sanctuary is located in a beautiful area for a peaceful walk, and the dogs are so obviously pleased that you will find the activity to be immensely satisfying. A couple of dogs we’ve walked lately include a Bull Mastiff, named Red, and a while lab mix, named Maz. This is all about dignity, which the staff at the Sanctuary provide the animals – not just a home.

Walking 'Red' on The Village Green
Walking Red on the Village Green

You can learn more about the Sanctuary at its Website at http://www.oxfordshireanimalsanctuary.org.uk/ It is located near The Village Green, Watlington Road, Stadhampton, Oxfordshire OX44 7UB   Tel: 01865 890239 An e-mail address is on their Web site.

Walking Maz at Oxford Animal Sanctuary