Disasters are Often Over-determined: The Costa Condordia

The early press coverage of the wreck of the Costa Condordia, focusing largely on mistakes attributed to the Captain, illustrate the degree that most disasters are not caused by one mistake, but most often the result of such a large number that the outcome is almost overdetermined. The litany of errors attributed the captain are the anti-thesis of the theme of this blog – wiping out with dignity.

Costa Condordia January 2012

Red, the Bullmastiff, has a new home!

Red, the wonderful Bullmastiff we became attached to at the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary, has been adopted. We are so happy that he has a home. What an incredible dog, and what a great couple to have adopted him. I understand they have a nice size garden, which he will love. We will really miss walking Red, but there are many other dogs, that would love to go on a walk, including one of our favorites, Maz.

On last report, he was adjusting very well, and particularly enjoys curling up at the fireplace. How great is that?

By the way, if you want to help support the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary, they need old blankets, sheets, etc for bedding, and newspapers as well. Information about the sanctuary and its location is on their Website at: http://www.oxfordshireanimalsanctuary.org.uk/

Red, the Bullmastiff