Maz the American Bulldog Gets a New Home

Maz in his new home

Maz is an American Bulldog who was rescued by the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary.

In his second year of life, he dislocated his elbow, and vets considered whether to put him to sleep, amputate his leg, or try surgery. The owners could not afford the surgery, but several vets and the Animal Sanctuary contributed funds to support the surgery. While largely successful, the surgery left him lame, and his owners gave him to the sanctuary since they could not afford to keep him.

He remained in the Sanctuary for 18 months and was well cared for by the staff. He was walked but many volunteer walkers found him too strong, and he was unable to walk far, given his bad leg. But he never gave up.

A week ago, an older couple, who had lost their dog, adopted Maz. They grew attached to Maz from their walks, but had no idea how he would manage in their home.

They say he must have been well trained as he behaves perfectly, and is a wonderful companion. In a warm house and with a few short walks, his leg seems to be getting stronger already. What is amazing about Maz is that throughout this ordeal, he never lost his dignity or spirit – credit to him and the Sanctuary staff, who were great.

Maz on a walk at the Sanctuary