About this Blog: Wiping out with Dignity

Sports are often viewed as a useful metaphor for life, such as in discussing life as a game — one that is serious and that we play to win. It is not always a valid metaphor. In fact, it is hardly ever completely valid, but it is nevertheless fun and helpful. It can give you a framework or a grammar for communicating about issues for which we often have no words or images.

Clark Little Photo
A Photo by Clark Little, Hawaii

For example, if a manager of a company knows how to play American football, then it is easy to explain that a quarterback should always make sure the runner knows he has the ball. Make sure you are clear about who has the ball. That is good advice in management as well as in football.

Bill and Peter have found surfing a fascinating sport on its own terms, but also one that is a rich source of metaphors and analogies to life. It is not meant to be a substitute for philosophical, religious, ideological or other ways of thinking about life, but it is one more template and one that could be complementary to others. In many respects, Bill and Peter were surfing buddies that had fun with a sport that introduced them, and entertained them for a time. In other respects, they are quite serious about the major issues we all face in life, and the need for some guidance — some rules for playing this game of life. We hope this blog captures your imagination, entertains you a bit, and has a positive influence on real life decisions, from the everyday to the once in a lifetime choices. Go for it.

Bill and Peter


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