Great Car Wash in Lansing

A shout out to Showroom Shine in East Lansing, Michigan, close to Michigan State University. My car was hopeless, but an interior detail left my car looking brand new. Amazing job.


Footbridge Repair to Albert White Park

Cheers to the crew who replaced the footbridge at the Albert A. White Memorial Park in East Lansing, Michigan. IMG_0755

It looks safe and sturdy and builds on the previously existing walkway, which had fallen apart. Improvements like this contribute to a sense of the park being cared for, and are likely to reinforce efforts to reduce littering and vandalism, one hopes.

The big project in the park is dredging the pond. Is there any group or effort afoot to dredge the pond? But well done to the construction crew. It was a desperately needed improvement.

Seriously American Breakfast

There is hardly a more American breakfast imaginable that at The Golden Harvest in Lansing, Michigan. One feature of the experience is the necessity of waiting 15-more minutes in the cold to get in the door. We had the best seats in the restaurant, right behind the short order cook, whole was the most skilled multi-tasker I’ve seen in years. Don’t miss the breakfast you’ll never forget.

Getting Started on that Book

A elderly woman was sitting next to my daughter on a train to London, asking another passenger if he was a publisher. No, he wasn’t but he inquired about why she asked. Not surprisingly, she said she was writing a book. More endearing was her explanation that she had finished the book, but the publisher she approached said she needed to ‘type it up’. I so much hope she can find someone to type her book in this digital era, and that she types it up on a computer and not a typewriter.

Still, like taking the first wave, getting started in the hardest part. Good for her.


Surfing Through Life Revived

I’m back. I’ve survived a huge metaphorical wave that took Wiping Out with Dignity out of commission for a long time. Hoping to return to service, helping myself to put the everyday trials and tribulations of the world into the perspective of a surfing philosophy.

You’ll me happy to know that my rescue dog is alive and well and too inland at the moment to watch the surfers.


Appropriate Media: MH370 and Geriatric1927

The text sent to the families of those lost on Malaysian Flight MH370 has been widely criticized for being insensitive.

In contrast, the last blog of Geriatric1927 was incredibly touching: ‘In conclusion, I would say my possibly final goodbye. So goodbye.’ Here is his last YouTube video. If you don’t have 5 minutes, listen to the last minute. Peter Oakley died a month later at 86 years of age.

Any media can be used appropriately or inappropriately, but there is no simple principle about face-to-face communication always being the best medium. I recall when sending a short telegram of congratulations was one of the greatest messages you could convey. Likewise a text message can be a perfect way to contact a close friend if used well and with sensitivity.

Hopefully, the MH370 text will remind many to consider the potential impact of what we say on any medium, whether a tweet, a text, a call, a Webcast, or a conversation – and also to forgive people we they get it wrong.  Image


Joan Baez Surfs

Remarkable concert tonight by Joan Baez. Her voice, lyrics, values — what dignity and grace.

When you are a novice at surfing, everything is hard. You can tell you are learning to surf as it gets easy to paddle out, catch waves, and more. Well you could see Joan Baez showing you how easy it is for her to move her audience. Fifty some years of experience shows in all aspects of her performance.

Joan Baez in Oxford

She dedicated her night to the Occupy Movement. How brillant a fit is that. Joan Baez made anti-war protests meaningful in the 1960s, and the Occupy Movement has helped to resurrect peaceful protests since 2010.

Prediction: Youth will rediscover Joan Baez in 2012 and beyond.